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  • Taiwan predicts its chip industry will weather global shortage

Taiwan predicts its chip industry will weather global shortage

Taiwan’s chip companies are ramping up to fill the global chip shortage, and to address the high demand for buying and selling bitcoins.Read More

Falcon and Winter Soldier finale recap: Ending and post-credits scene explained – CNET

The true Captain America successor takes flight in the sixth episode of Marvel Disney Plus show. Stick around after the credits.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch release dates — When does episode 1 hit Disney Plus? – CNET

Hint: It arrives on a certain day in May.

Loki release dates: When does episode 1 hit Disney Plus? – CNET

Tom Hiddleston is back as the God of Mischief. But just how soon will he fill The Falcon and the Winter Soldier void?

Dear Netflix and YouTube, everything is too long – CNET

Commentary: Movies, video games, TV shows. Everything is just too damn long.

US Department of Transportation names its first chief scientist since 1980 – Roadshow

The position will see Robert C. Hampshire, Ph.D. advising Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Russell Crowe confirms he’s playing Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder – CNET

Get in line, Marvel gods and heroes, big daddy Zeus is on the way.

The challenges of applied machine learning

The book Real World AI: A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning explores the challenges of applied machine learning.Read More

Intel signals aggressive market share push in wake of improved Q1

Intel posted better than expected revenues for Q1 and promised to get more aggressive in terms of gaining market share for new processors.Read More

Google Doodle celebrates the Spanish letter Ñ – CNET

The eñe holds a special place in the Spanish language and heritage.