• Sat. May 8th, 2021

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Resident Evil Village ending, post-credit scene explained – CNET

What does this mean for Resident Evil 9?

Minnesota might be the next state to adopt California emissions standards – Roadshow

I say might because there’s already opposition to the change.

AI Weekly: Qualcomm’s AI research and development efforts

Qualcomm AI research head Jilei Hou spoke with VentureBeat about the company’s investment focus and broader mission.Read More

Geographic databases hold worlds of information

Geographic databases and geospatial information systems specialize in data processing, focused on the “where” of data. They take many forms.Read More

Nintendo earnings, a new Switch game, and E3 2021 expands | GB Decides 195

Nintendo earnings set a new record for the company, and it even has a new IP that it announced out of nowhere.Read More

Lucid Motors will go after Tesla during Elon Musk’s SNL episode – Roadshow

The EV startup is boasting about its Air’s 500-mile range, which could beat Tesla to market.

Jay-Z joins the board of Jack Dorsey’s Square – CNET

The Twitter CEO Dorsey has added Jay-Z to his payments company after acquiring a significant stake in Tidal.

Swim away with this underwater scooter for just $284 – CNET

This 6-pound gadget adds a new dimension to scuba, snorkeling and pool play, and it fits in your carry-on bag.

Elon Musk’s first name shows up in 1953 book about colonizing Mars – CNET

The freaky coincidence earned social buzz back in December, and now it’s back in the news.

Gartner says composable data and analytics key to digital transformation

Composable analytics, graph databases, and data fabrics were among the top trends investigated at Gartner’s Data & Analytics Summit.Read More