• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Deepmind’s AlphaDev discovers sorting algorithms that can revolutionize computing foundations

The AI system has made a significant breakthrough by uncovering faster sorting and hashing algorithms for AI developers worldwide.Read More

Netflix reveals Lego, chess and other games coming this summer

Netflix announced five new games that are coming to its gaming platform this summer, including a Queen’s Gambit adaptation.Read More

Cisco announces next-gen solutions boosting security and productivity with generative AI

By harnessing LLMs across its collaboration and security portfolios, Cisco aims to enhance productivity and simplicity within organizations.Read More

Leesa Mattress Review: Reasons to Buy or Not Buy in 2023 – CNET

The Leesa Original mattress is an accommodating foam mattress that’s safe for most sleeping positions. Here’s what we like and some factors to consider before buying.

How Qualcomm wants to arm the movement for open XR | Hugo Swart interview

Hugo Swart, head of XR at Qualcomm, wants the XR industry to prosper through open technologies that can fuel many companies.Read More

Google Cloud expands AI offerings with new tools, programs and partnerships

Google Cloud is expanding into generative AI with a slew of new tools, services and programs aimed at helping businesses adopt the technology.Read More

Instabase unveils AI Hub, a generative AI platform for content understanding

Powered by generative AI, Instabase with its AI Hub aims to provide self-service solutions to harness the potential of AI-driven insights.Read More

API integrator Finch announces new funding round led by Intuit Ventures

Finch, a B2B startup offering a unified API for employment systems, today announced a new round of funding from Intuit Ventures.Read More

Why video game film adaptations used to suck and don’t anymore | Uwe Boll interview

Uwe Boll has been contemplating a tough question lately. Why are video game adaptations like the Super Mario Bros. Movie taking off now?Read More

Mortgage Refinance Rates on June 7, 2023: Rates Dip – CNET

Several benchmark refinance rates decreased this past week. The Fed’s interest rate hikes have affected the refinance market.

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