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  • 2023 Mercedes-AMG GT63 S E Performance plug-in hybrid debuts with 831 hp – Roadshow

2023 Mercedes-AMG GT63 S E Performance plug-in hybrid debuts with 831 hp – Roadshow

AMG’s first PHEV only has a seven-mile electric range, but with this much power, who cares?

Claim that viral video shows ‘Taliban helicopter hanging’ debunked – CNET

Also: Military dogs weren’t abandoned in Afghanistan.

Twitch streamers plan protest Wednesday over harassment on the site – CNET

The group says it wants the company to do better at policing its platform.

Hubble spots rare celestial object that looks like a space lightsaber – CNET

That’s no lightsaber. It’s a Herbig–Haro object.

Humankind review: Culture clash

Humankind is Amplitude Studios’ spin on Civilization, and it’s an enjoyable evolution, not revolution, of the civ-building games.Read More

Ford Mustang primed for hybrid variant with next-gen pony car, forecast says – Roadshow

It’s long been rumored the Mustang will adopt a hybrid system, but could it finally be coming to fruition?

Complex designs could delay the next Apple Watch – CNET

Manufacturing of Apple’s next smartwatch has reportedly been halted due to issues fitting all of the new components together.

Apple, Google app stores face new regulation as South Korea readies payment law – CNET

South Korea is poised to become the first country to clamp down on how mobile app stores operate. Others are planning to follow.

Google extends return-to-office date to January – CNET

Employees can return earlier if they want to.

Facebook contributes Ent project to the Linux Foundation

Facebook announced that it has transferred governance of Ent, an open source entity framework, to the Linux Foundation.Read More

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