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  • Famed Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera built a magnificent birthday gift – Roadshow

Famed Italian coachbuilder Touring Superleggera built a magnificent birthday gift – Roadshow

Named the Arese RH95, the car celebrates Touring’s 95 years of gorgeous coachbuilt creations.

Apple supplier chain report reveals improved employer conduct in 2020 – CNET

Company reports a major reduction in violations of its code of conduct and says it discovered no instances of forced labotr.

Team Liquid and Garena unveil Free Fire community tournament in the U.S.

Team Liquid and Garena have announced their first Free Fire community tournament in the U.S. to boost the battle royale game in the West.Read More

Vectra: 10 most common threats for Azure AD, Office 365 customers

Vectra.ai research focused on the top 10 most common activities in Azure AD and Office 365 environments which indicate a security threat.Read More

Best spray car wax for 2021 – Roadshow

Spray wax can save you a ton of time over traditional wax options, and here are the best products after spending time with many of them.

Demiplane’s plan to make the world a better place with virtual tabletop gaming tools

Demiplane is a new way to play tabletop RPGs online, offering more tools for communication, presentation, and safety.Read More

Cities: Skylines studio boss on 6 years of building the beloved city-builder

Cities: Skylines came out in 2015, and the head of studio Colossal Order, Mariina Hallikainen, is looking back with How Games Make Money.Read More

Password authentication is a mess. Here’s a system to replace it

Hand geometry takes into account the shape of the entire hand, along with features like ridges, finger size, and much more.Read More

Asapp releases dataset to help develop better customer service AI

Asapp, a research-driven customer experience company, released a dataset designed to help train automated call center systems.Read More

A deep dive into privacy-protecting databases

Privacy-protecting databases today tend to use multiple, complex techniques to safeguard data.Read More

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