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  • Enough ice melted on Greenland this week to cover Florida in a half foot of water – CNET

Enough ice melted on Greenland this week to cover Florida in a half foot of water – CNET

A summer of rain and heat is causing yet another meltdown for one of the planet’s most important reserves of ice.

Get $95 off Klipsch’s excellent-sounding T5 II True Wireless buds – CNET

Klipsch’s second-gen wireless earbuds are nearly 50% off or $105 for a limited time on Amazon — and the sport version is only $100.

Detonation Racing puts the pedal to the metal on Apple Arcade – CNET

Avoid massive obstacles, trigger explosions and sabotage other drivers to nab first place.

Twitter offers bug bounty to spot AI bias so it can fix its algorithms – CNET

The top prize is $3,500.

Why The Artful Escape took six years to craft

The Artful Escape is coming on September 9 for the Xbox and the PC. And for Johnny Galvatron, that date has been a long time coming.Read More

How to approach AI more responsibly, according to a top AI ethicist

A conversation with DataRobot’s Haniyeh Mahmoudian, a winner of VentureBeat’s Women in AI responsibility and ethics award.Read More

The DeanBeat: Activision Blizzard is losing the PR war

Ever since the state of California filed a sexism lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, the game publisher has been losing the PR war.Read More

Biden administration wants US automaker pact to build 40% EVs by 2030, report says – Roadshow

The pledge could be a part of revised fuel economy and emissions standards that could come as soon as next week.

Massive Tesla battery on fire at renewal energy plant in Australia – CNET

A toxic smoke warning has been issued near Geelong Victoria as fire crews wait for the 13-tonne Tesla battery blaze to die down.

Facebook open-sources robotics development platform Droidlet

Facebook today open-sourced Droidlet, a platform for building robots that leverage natural language processing and computer vision.Read More