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  • Bugatti’s Intricate Vagues de Lumière Liveries Look Amazing – CNET

Bugatti’s Intricate Vagues de Lumière Liveries Look Amazing – CNET

These striped paintjobs mimic how light reflects on the Chiron’s bodywork, and each one took 5 weeks to paint.

Can Sri Lanka dig itself out of a $50 billion debt?

Protesters take part in an anti-government demonstration near the president’s office in Colombo on April 30, 2022, demanding President Gotabaya Rajapaksas resignation over the country’s crippling economic crisis. | Ishara…

Nectar’s Flash Sale Offers 25% Off Everything Sitewide — Today Only – CNET

Revamp your resting place and get back to sound sleeping with big savings on mattresses, pillows, bedding and much more.

Brooklinen’s Birthday Deal Offers 20% Off Sitewide – CNET

Save on comfy and cozy treasures that will make your home the oasis you deserve.

Building studio culture by empowering teams

One way to build studio culture is to flip the traditional top-down paradigm where the CEO decides, Supercell performance is from small teamsRead More

Computational storage and the new direction of computing

Computational storage is part of a trend to make datacenters and IoT devices more productive and more efficient by moving data less.Read More

Web3 monetization: Decentralizing the blueprint for creator-fan relationships

Social tokens and Web3 can deepen uncover new and rewarding methods of interaction between creators and their fans.Read More

8 Essential Supplements You Should Take if You’re Vegan – CNET

Some essential vitamins and minerals aren’t easily found in plant-based foods. If you follow a plant-based diet, you can fill in any nutritional gap with these essential supplements.

Best Multimeter for 2022 – CNET

Whether it’s a vehicle repair or a house project, sort out electrical issues with one of these great multimeters.

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress Review: Affordable, Soft Foam – CNET

The premium soft mattress from this popular bed-in-a-box brand is perfect for plush-loving side sleepers.

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