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  • What you need to know about the mindset and motivation of ethical hackers

What you need to know about the mindset and motivation of ethical hackers

What motivates ethical hackers? Technical aptitude, curiosity, a desire to do good and improve cybersecurity are a few key reasons.Read More

Can Hearing Aids Lower the Risk of Dementia? – CNET

Evidence for the link between communication and cognition is only growing stronger.

Snag Massive Memorial Day Weekend Savings at Amazon – CNET

You can save up to 68% off home goods, tech, fitness, fashion and more right now.

How the generative AI boom could deliver a wave of successful businesses

Where generative AI startups can start if they want to turn the short-term generative AI hype into long-term growth.Read More

The AI genie is out of the bottle, and we can’t put it back in

Because AI has the power to revolutionize society, the US cannot afford a private or government-ordered pause on developing it.Read More

Relieve Back and Neck Pain With an Extra 10% Off Chirp Wheels – CNET

CNET readers can get exclusive savings on this popular foam roller to help ease pain and align your spine.

Everything I Hope Apple Adds to iOS 17 for the iPhone – CNET

The next version of iPhone software is expected at WWDC. Hopefully the new iOS has all these features.

Opinion: I’ve lived into my 40s without ever owning a smartphone. Hopefully I’ll never have to

With links between mental health challenges and excessive technology use, our app-dependent world should make it easier for a flip phone user like me.

Sony show skates by on snakes and spiders | Kaser Focus

Rachel Kaser isn’t sure what at the PlayStation event was supposed to set the world on fire — because it certainly wasn’t that handheld.Read More

Gaming’s direct-to-consumer pipeline is shifting to webstores

App developers are discovering new ways to market direct-to-consumers, and one way they’re doing so is via webstores.Read More

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