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  • Exclusive: Enkrypt raises seed round to create a ‘control layer’ for generative AI safety

Exclusive: Enkrypt raises seed round to create a ‘control layer’ for generative AI safety

In the case of one Fortune 500 enterprise using Meta’s Llama2-7B, Enkrypt AI found that the model was subject to jailbreak vulnerabilities 6% of the time and brought that down…

Holmgard Games reveals Project L.3.3.T. tactical extraction shooter for the PC

Holmgard Games has unveiled the hardcore tactical extraction shooter Project L.3.3.T. coming for the PC later this year.Read More

MWC 2024’s Wildest Phones: Edible Razr, Bracelet ‘Phones’ and One Big Battery – CNET

The Barcelona show may be the only place we can see these concepts and creations.

Samsung’s Galaxy Ring Finally Shows Up in Person – CNET

It’s behind a wall of glass but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Imec shows advanced lithography to reduce CO2 emissions in chip factories

Imec has unveiled a new climate-friendly way to produce patterns on chips using lithography and etch for advanced chip factories.Read More

Tenstorrent partners with Japan’s LSTC to create 2nm AI accelerator chips

Tenstorrent, an AI chip company headed by chip legend Jim Keller, has unveiled a key partnership with Japan’s LSTC.Read More

PlayMakers raises $1.5M for user-generated content for games

PlayMakers has raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding to boost user-generated content across a wide spectrum of games.Read More

Qualcomm’s New Modem Could Help Your Next Phone Work Faster at Home – CNET

The chipmaker debuts its Snapdragon X80 5G modem at MWC 2024 to connect premium Android smartphones to 5G networks and satellites.

Motorola’s Concept Wrist Phone Up Close – CNET

Take a look at this awesome bit of concept tech from this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Total Solar Eclipse Is Coming: Here’s Where to Go, How to See It – CNET

The last total eclipse for two decades is nearly here. Be there, or wait for the next one in 2044.

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