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Best Internet Providers in Springfield, Missouri – CNET

Springfield residents don’t have many options available, but AT&T Fiber is an easy choice if you can get it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 releases on Xbox mere moments after winning Game of the Year

Baldur’s Gate 3 has officially launched on Xbox, with the announcement coming hot on the heels of its Game of the Year win.Read More

Don’t Nod reveals Lost Records: Bloom & Rage at The Game Awards

Don’t Nod revealed its new game in development at The Game Awards, called Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, due out in late 2024.Read More

Square Enix debuts Visions of Mana at The Game Awards

Square Enix announced Visions of Mana, a long-awaited new game in the Mana series, along with a trailer at The Game Awards.Read More

Hello Games announces Earth-sized fantasy project, Light No Fire

https://venturebeat.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=2923177&action=editSean Murray of Hello Games revealed his team’s latest project at The Game Awards in Los Angeles today.Read More

Level Infinite and Sharkmob reveal Exoborne at The Game Awards

Level Infinite and Sharkmob dropped the debut trailer for their upcoming game, Exoborne, with more info to come in 2024.Read More

10 Chambers unveils corporate espionage shooter Den of Wolves

Swedish developer 10 Chambers unveiled its new corporate espionage shooter, Den of Wolves, at this year’s Game Awards.Read More

Simu Liu stars as faction leader in Stormgate RTS

Frost Giant Studios revealed that actor Simu Liu will play a key role in the real-time strategy game Stormgate.Read More

Embark Studios’ The Finals debuts on PC and consoles

Embark Studios announced the immediate release of The Finals, a first-person shooter combat entertainment set within a game show.Read More

Monster Hunter Wilds revealed at The Game Awards

Capcom announced Monster Hunter Wild during The Game Awards today in Los Angeles.Read More

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