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  • The New Roomba Can Vacuum and Mop — Without Getting Water on Your Carpet – CNET

The New Roomba Can Vacuum and Mop — Without Getting Water on Your Carpet – CNET

The iRobot Roomba Combo j7 Plus can navigate hard floors and carpets and switch cleaning methods for each.

The Moment NASA’s DART Probe Hit an Asteroid Captured in Epic Telescope View – CNET

Vision released by the ATLAS project shows an explosive impact at the asteroid pair, 7 million miles from Earth.

Google Crashes NASA’s Asteroid Collision Party With Search Easter Egg – CNET

The search giant celebrates NASA’s search for an intergalactic defense.

‘House of the Dragon’: Laena Velaryon’s Decision, Explained – CNET

Daemon Targaryen’s second wife Laena makes a shocking choice at the end of episode 6.

Top car insurance terms you should know – CNET

From personal injury protection to gap coverage, insurance terms can be confusing.

Watch This Wild Walking Table Take Its First Steps – CNET

Walk this way, furniture.

NASA Successfully Crashes Its DART Probe Into Asteroid Dimorphos – CNET

DART met its end on Monday, impacting the rough face of an asteroid almost 7 million miles away.

Apple-AT&T Identity Thieves Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison – CNET

Twin brothers were arrested last year on charges of fraud.

New PS5 Modern Warfare 2 Console Bundle Revealed – CNET

A new PS5 bundle that includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available for preorder on PlayStation Direct.

Report: 76% of non-IT workers say the pandemic prepared them to take on IT tasks

ManageEngine survey shows IT has become decentralized due to the pandemic, with non-IT employees learning IT tasks such as low/no code apps.Read More