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  • How secure a Twitter replacement is Mastodon? Let us count the ways

How secure a Twitter replacement is Mastodon? Let us count the ways

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) As Elon Musk critics flee from Twitter, Mastodon seems to be the most common replacement. In the last month, the number of monthly active users on…

OpenAI upgrades GPT-3, stunning with rhyming poetry and lyrics

Enlarge / An AI-generated image inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. (credit: Ars Technica) On Monday, OpenAI announced a new model in the GPT-3 family of AI-powered large language models, text-davinci-003,…

Will the government crack down on bots after Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift meltdown?

Congress is asking the Federal Trade Commission if it will enforce against bots after Ticketmaster blamed them for Taylor Swift ticket-sale disaster.

Rivalry’s esports betting drives best quarter ever, first net profit

Betting company Rivalry has posted its Q3 2022 financial results which reveals how important esports are to the company’s strategy.Read More

Far Cry 6’s Lost Between Worlds expansion is sci-fi shenanigans

Far Cry 6’s upcoming expansion, Lost Between Worlds, got a new trailer showing off its wacky, colorful, reality-bending adventures.Read More

Cerebras unveils new partnerships for LLM and generative AI tools

Cerebras Systems announced a new partnership with Cirrascale Cloud Services on an LLM tool and a partnership with Jasper AI on a generative AI tool.Read More

Snapchat to Change Privacy Policy Features for One State – CNET

Californians will soon have access to a new Snapchat privacy setting.

Used thin client PCs are an unsexy, readily available Raspberry Pi alternative

Enlarge / This ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano from 2019, passively cooled with a big heatsink, was $145 when the author last looked on eBay. It’s not a Raspberry Pi, and it…

Meta fined by Irish Data Protection Commission for web scraping activity

Meta’s latest Facebook fine shows that web scraping can cause serious regulatory liabilities under the GDPR.Read More

Not giving up the (encryption) keys to the kingdom: Fortanix now integrated with AWS

Fortanix today announced that its Fortanix Data Security Manager is now integrated with AWS External Key Store.Read More

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