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  • Earn Alliance and Sky Mavis celebrate partnership with Ronin Week

Earn Alliance and Sky Mavis celebrate partnership with Ronin Week

Earn Alliance and Sky Mavis are partnering to bring Ronin’s games to the former’s platform, and are celebrating with Ronin Week.Read More

DataStax looks to help enterprises escape RAG ‘Hell’ with AI tools update 

DataStax debuts a series of tools to improve enterprise RAG including Langflow 1.0, Vectorize and RAGStack 1.0.Read More

Refi Rates Tick Even Lower: Mortgage Refinance Rates for June 24, 2024 – CNET

Several important refinance rates ticked downward. Refinancing makes sense if you can get a lower interest rate on your home loan.

Small Improvements in Mortgage Rates: Mortgage Interest Rates Today for June 24, 2024 – CNET

Some major mortgage rates are decreasing. Here’s where experts say rates might be headed this year.

Fujifilm X100VI: TikTok’s Favorite Camera Is the Perfect Companion to My iPhone – CNET

Commentary: What’s the next step for an iPhone photographer? Get an X100.

OpenAI Co-Founder Envisions a Safe Superintelligence as Claude AI Gets Funnier – CNET

Get up to speed on the rapidly evolving world of AI with our roundup of the week’s developments.

How to Use Microsoft Copilot to Easily Create Notes on Just About Anything – CNET

Your on-demand “too long, didn’t read” relief.

Whole-Body Deodorant: Is It Safe, Necessary and How Does It Work? – CNET

Over the past few years, whole-body deodorant has increased in popularity. But is whole-body deodorant actually safe and effective?

Home Battery Giving You Sticker Shock? Don’t Buy It All at Once – CNET

Modular home batteries allow you more flexibility with your energy storage capacity and your wallet.

Oura Smart Rings Are Up to $85 Off in This Limited-Time Refurb Sale – CNET

The Oura Ring 3 is an excellent way to track your fitness and health without a bulky smartwatch.

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