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How to use the right data for growth marketing in a privacy-centric world

How to use the right data for growth marketing in an increasingly privacy-centric era to become more innovative and ahead of the competition.Read More

Google and Qualcomm collaborate to accelerate AI development

Qualcomm claims it will be the first System-on-a-Chip (SoC) customer to offer the Google Cloud Vertex AI Neural Architecture Search services.Read More

The games Nintendo might reveal at The Game Awards | Last of the Nintendogs 022

The 22nd episode of Last of the Nintendogs is here because you can not keep a good boy down even if it might forget to woof.Read More

Starlink is reportedly testing its internet service for airplanes – CNET

The SpaceX-operated company is in discussions with “several airlines,” according to Bloomberg.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: How to get Spiritomb – CNET

The elusive ghost Pokemon only appears at the Hallowed Tower after you’ve completed certain steps.

Apps in Google Play store that stole banking logins were downloaded 300,000 times, report says – CNET

Banking login theft hit users through a batch of nasty apps in the Play store. Google says the apps have been yanked.

LinkedIn and Intel tech leaders on the state of AI

Industry leaders discuss the “duct tape of data,” if language models are a good way to approximate AI, and how to gain hybrid intelligence.Read More

Walmart has a limited supply of $199 Quest 2 consoles – CNET

As long as you’re okay with refurbished 64GB headsets, you’re in for a treat.

Hennessey’s $3M Project Deep Space is a 6-wheeled, 4-seat EV – Roadshow

The electric hypercar will also have space for four carry-on suitcases and four sets of golf clubs.

Like Skyrim, Starfield will enable players to pick up every coffee mug

Starfield is keeping Skyrim’s coffee-cup mechanics. That is to say you can pick up any object in the world.Read More

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