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  • Disney in Early Stages of Creating Membership Similar to Amazon Prime, Report Says – CNET

Disney in Early Stages of Creating Membership Similar to Amazon Prime, Report Says – CNET

It’s unknown when the program would launch or how much membership would cost.

Nvidia Says US Ordered It to Stop Sales of AI Chips to China – CNET

The ban is out of concern that the chips could be put to military use, the chipmaker says in a regulatory filing.

AI wins state fair art contest, annoys humans

Enlarge / The winning entry, Théåtre D’opéra Spatial. (credit: Jason Allen) A synthetic media artist named Jason Allen entered AI-generated artwork into the Colorado State Fair fine arts competition and…

FCC has approved $6 billion in broadband grants despite rejecting Starlink

Enlarge Several US government agencies are having a busy week for doling out broadband deployment funding to ISPs and state governments. Today, the FCC announced $791.6 million for six broadband…

PlayStation Plus adds Need for Speed and Deathloop in September

Sony today revealed the games coming to PlayStation Plus in September, both to the Essential tier and to Extra and Premium tiers. The Essential tier games launch first, on September…

Waking Up With Back Pains? It May Be Time for a New Bed – CNET

There are tell-tale signs that a bed has reached its expiration date, including back pain. Here’s what to lookout for.

Penguin With Degenerative Foot Condition Gets Custom Shoes – CNET

Lucas the African penguin gets some help with his sore feetsies at the San Diego Zoo.

McAfee Researchers Spot Malicious Chrome Extensions – CNET

The five extensions were downloaded a combined 1.4 million times before researchers found they were tracking users’ browser activity without permission.

Twitter and TikTok’s data privacy controversies show the dangers of third-party apps

Recent data handling issues with Twitter and TikTok highlight why enterprises need to be wary of data privacy with third-party apps.Read More

Still Using an iPhone 5S or 6? You Better Download This iOS Security Update – CNET

The patch is intended to fix a security vulnerability that, according to Apple, snagged at least one user.

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