• Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

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Gamescom announces online-only festival in August, reversing hybrid event plan

Reversing a plan announced in March, Gamescom has decided to focus on an online-only event at the end of August.Read More

Ferrari 812 Competizone revealed: More power, greater aero for this prancing horse – Roadshow

And, if the bank account allows, you can opt for the 812 Competizione A with its targa-style roof.

Website lets you plan your TV show binge watching – CNET

See how many episodes a day you’ll need to watch to get through Lost in a month.

Rig Pro Compact Xbox controller with Dolby Atmos comes to US on May 20 for $50 – CNET

Rig also announced new gaming headsets to make the most of Atmos’ precise three-dimensional sound.

Epic NASA rover panorama puts Mars all up in your face – CNET

Experience the Martian expanse with the Curiosity rover’s view from the top of a hill.

Loki is hitting Disney Plus two days early – CNET

Each episode of the MCU show will land on Wednesday instead of Friday.

Blue Origin will send first customer to space in just a few months – CNET

The rocket company started by Jeff Bezos will send an auction winner beyond Earth aboard its New Shepard spacecraft very soon.

Google launches Entertainment Space app suite for Android tablets – CNET

Google’s new entertainment hub will feature video streaming, games and books.

SpaceX gets 500,000 Starlink preorders, Musk says it can meet demand

Enlarge / Screenshot from the Starlink order page, with the street address blotted out. (credit: SpaceX Starlink) SpaceX has received more than 500,000 orders for Starlink broadband service, the company…

Resident Evil: Village review — Find your courage

Resident Evil: Village is going to make fans of the franchise happy, especially those who aren’t cowards like me.Read More