• Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

Microsoft Announces 10-Year Deal to Bring Call of Duty to Nintendo Consoles – CNET

Microsoft stated it was keen to strike a similar deal with Sony.

T-Mobile’s Latest 5G Home Internet Bundle Will Drop the Price to $25 Per Month – CNET

No Magenta Max plan required.

Twitch rival Kick revives revenue split debate, gambling controversy

Streamer Trainwreck teamed up with Kick, a new livestreaming platform that plans to undercut Twitch’s revenue split but has ties to gambling.Read More

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Flies High, Sets Altitude Record – CNET

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a freakin’ helicopter on Mars making history.

Wednesday Addams’ Wild Viral Dance From ‘Wednesday’ Is All Over TikTok – CNET

If you’re serious about mastering the dance from the Netflix show, you can even get an online lesson from a professional dancer.

SpaceX to Launch Starshield, Support National Security Efforts – CNET

It’s like Starlink, but for the government.

Scientists Stumble on Shark Graveyard at Bottom of Indian Ocean – CNET

Voyages of Australia’s RV Investigator research vessel have also discovered a never-before-seen species.

Google Search Adds Topic Buttons to Help You Sharpen Queries – CNET

New suggestions pop up below the search field on mobile and are meant to help people get more-specific answers.

Adobe Stock begins selling AI-generated artwork

Enlarge / An AI-generated watercolor illustration, now eligible for inclusion in Adobe Stock. (credit: Benj Edwards / Ars Technica) On Monday, Adobe announced that its stock photography service, Adobe Stock,…

CD Projekt Red scuttles Gwent and Witcher mobile game

CD Projekt Red is ending support for two of its Witcher spin-offs: Card game Gwent and mobile title The Witcher: Monster Slayer.Read More

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