• Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Best Savings Rates Today, April 22, 2024: Now’s the Time to Earn More With One of These Savings Accounts  – CNET

Interest rates are expected to drop later this year, so now’s the time to take advantage of high APYs before it’s too late.

What Is a Burner Phone? – CNET

Did a burner phone in a movie or TV series pique your interest? Here’s how burners work and how you can get one.

Best CD Rates Today – High APYs Won’t Stick Around Forever, April 22, 2024 – CNET

CD rates have likely hit their peak, so now’s the time to open an account and maximize your earnings.

The Feds Just Announced a $7B Plan to Make Solar Affordable – CNET

Grants for Solar for All programs aim to boost solar panels and community access nationwide.

A Cellular Apple Watch Series 7 for Just $250? This Can’t Last Long – CNET

Now is the time to act if you want to get yourself a 45mm cellular Apple Watch Series 7 for over half off.

Refi Rates Increase for Homeowners: Current Refinance Rates on April 22, 2024 – CNET

Multiple benchmark refinance rates climbed this week, but rates should start trending down in the coming months.

Mortgages Move Up for Homeseekers: Current Mortgage Rates for April 22, 2024 – CNET

Some important mortgage rates are moving up. Here’s what experts say is next for the housing market this year.

Nearly 3 million Californians at risk of losing home internet service as subsidy expires

The Affordable Connectivity Program, which offers a $30 subsidy, helping millions of households across the U.S. connect to the internet, is slated to expire.

Opinion: You don’t need to own an iPhone for the government lawsuit against Apple to benefit you

The Justice Department is arguing that Apple has degraded the iPhone user experience and the products of competitors. A victory would give consumers more choice in our digital lives.

Embracer Group will split into 3 publicly traded companies

Embracer Group has raised new financing and it will break itself into three publicly traded game companies.Read More

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