• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

VR Is Revolutionizing Therapy. Why Aren’t More People Using It? – CNET

VR therapy has been studied since the 1990s. But as of 2023, we’re still talking about its potential.

For some, TikTok is a path to riches and the American dream. With a ban, it could all disappear

As the Biden administration weighs a ban on the app, many budding entrepreneurs fear losing a tool that has helped them build a robust customer base.

Opinion: How Big Tech’s predatory culture fuels failures like Silicon Valley Bank

Regulation won’t slow innovation despite tech industry claims. And the social harm stemming from Silicon Valley’s innovation shows it is necessary.

Bored Apes owner Yuga Labs launches 2nd Trip Otherside metaverse experience

Bored Ape Yacht Club parent company Yuga Labs launched its Second Trip for its Otherside universe today as a new “metaverse” experience.Read More

9 Signs You Need Glasses and Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Them – CNET

You’d be surprised by how many little things suggest you need glasses.

A better solution to fraud and chargebacks than regulation

Technology can help build a collaborative solution to friendly fraud and chargebacks that benefits merchants, banks and consumers.Read More

Skills mapping: Turning skills to workforce gold

Skills mapping allows for more complex and personalized work journeys, ultimately allowing organizations to thrive.Read More

An open data lakehouse will maintain and grow the value of your data

By employing an open data lakehouse, organizations can increase the chance that their data ecosystem will pay dividends.Read More

Data through a prism: AI-powered analysis key to gleaning data insights

How AI-powered business intelligence enables CFOs to use data to glean insights rather than impose their own metrics onto them.Read More

Take $100 off the First 5 Months of Your ButcherBox Subscription – CNET

Skip the supermarket deli and the butcher shop — one of our favorite meat delivery options just got more affordable.

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