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  • Nest commits to 5 years of security updates – CNET

Nest commits to 5 years of security updates – CNET

Google updates its smart home security and privacy policies.

United renews faith in Boeing 737 Max with large aircraft order – CNET

Signaling a belief that air travel is back, the airline says it’ll add 270 Boeing 737 Max and Airbus A321neo planes to its fleet.

AI safety tools can help mitigate bias in algorithms

A range of tools are available from companies including Microsoft that are designed to address concerns arising from risky AI deployments.Read More

Zola review: Film version of infamous Twitter stripper saga a thrilling ride – CNET

But darker elements set the adaptation apart from the viral Twitter thread it’s based on.

NASA may have finally solved a Mars methane mystery – CNET

A rover finds methane. A spacecraft doesn’t. Which one is right?

Your Roomba moves across floors strangely as it cleans your home. Here’s why – CNET

Robot vacuums navigate and tackle the world in different ways. Some use lasers, others electronic eyes or even simple bumpers, and these methods affect how well they clean. Our test…

BioWare vet Casey Hudson opens Humanoid Studios

Casey Hudson announced on Twitter today that he has started Humanoid Studios.Read More

Remedy is making a four-player co-op spinoff for Control

Remedy announced today that is making a Control spinoff that will focus on four-player co-op action.Read More

Elon Musk says Starlink will be available worldwide in August – CNET

The company expects to service more than 500,000 customers with its low altitude satellite broadband within a year.

Sennheiser’s new CX True Wireless earbuds impress for $130 – CNET

The company’s new entry-level true-wireless earbuds are an improvement over last year’s CX 400BT.