• Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

IBM and Red Hat form strategic partnership with process mining startup Celonis

Process mining startup Celonis has partnered with IBM and Red Hat to help companies make the most of the digital transformation.Read More

April Fools’ Day 2021: Cauliflower Peeps, Duolingo toilet paper and more pranks – CNET

Most brands gave 2020 a pass for April Fools’ jokes, but Duolingo, TaskRabbit and others are having fun this year.

Super Mario All-Stars, NFTs and why artificial scarcity sucks – CNET

It makes sense, but it also makes no sense at all.

Microsoft retires Cortana app for iOS and Android – CNET

Mobile apps’ demise wasn’t exactly a surprise.

Google will likely allow some US employees to return to offices in April – CNET

Attendance will be voluntary until September.

Johnson & Johnson confirms vaccine production issues – CNET

Company says it should still be on track to deliver 24 million vaccine doses through April.

Genesis X concept is a gorgeous two-door EV that previews future designs – Roadshow

Genesis isn’t saying whether the X will go into production, but the stunning coupe isn’t too far-fetched.

PS4, PS5 game discounts: PlayStation Store’s huge Spring Sale now live – CNET

It features The Last of Us 2, Grand Theft Auto 5, Godfall, Hitman 3 and much, much more.

Analogue Pocket delay gives me more time to buy random handhelds from China

I love buying a bunch of handhelds in China while I wait for the Analogue Pocket. This is what makes me happy.Read More

Netflix reportedly pays $450 million for Knives Out sequels – CNET

Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig are teaming up again, according to Variety.

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