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  • Google to invest over $7 billion in new offices and data centers – CNET

Google to invest over $7 billion in new offices and data centers – CNET

These investments will also create over 10,000 jobs across 19 states, according the tech giant.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 VR controller revealed: Like a DualSense split in two – CNET

Our first look at the PS5 next-gen VR controller seems to blend Oculus Touch with DualSense.

YouTube’s TikTok rival, Shorts, starts rolling out in US – CNET

Shorts’ suite of tools is basic compared to TikTok’s bells and whistles, but YouTube hopes it has an edge with its 2 billion monthly visitors and track record of paying…

Alienware, Cherry made an all-new mechanical keyboard switch for gaming laptops – CNET

Alienware’s m15 and m17 will be the first gaming laptops available with the new mechanical keyboard as an option.

4 easy smart home routines for beginners – CNET

If you’re ready to automate your smart home, these are the beginner routines we suggest.

Peloton Bike vs. Peloton Bike Plus: The differences that matter – CNET

Is the Peloton Bike plus worth the extra cash? It depends on what you want out of your exercise bike.

Nvidia GeForce Now replaces Founders subscription with $10 Priority plan – CNET

In a bout of largesse, Nvidia is letting existing subscribers keep the $5 a month promotional pricing for life.

Google’s privacy push draws DOJ scrutiny, report says – CNET

Justice Department investigators are reportedly concerned about the search giant’s moves to phase out third-party cookies.

Best streaming service of 2021 – CNET

Find out how Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus and Peacock stack up in terms of shows, downloads and features.

How to help kids recover from a year of pandemic schooling – CNET

Not all the developments were bad during “the lost year” in education, but the impact on mental health has been devastating for too many.

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