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  • Automation is expanding. How worried should we be about jobs?

Automation is expanding. How worried should we be about jobs?

When I called my cable company with a problem a few days ago, the usual human agent had been replaced by a bot.Read More

Amazon wins in union rejection, but scrutiny of its labor practices isn’t going away – CNET

Whether or not more warehouse employees try to organize, regulators and the public remain focused on working conditions at Amazon.

Clarence Thomas and Section 230: Why the justice’s musings matter – CNET

An opinion issued by the Supreme Court Justice could spark more movement on the legal shield protecting social media companies.

Best gaming keyboard for 2021 – CNET

Upgrade from your standard keyboard and defeat your enemies — or at least make losing more enjoyable.

The best minimalist wallet for 2021 – CNET

We tested more than a dozen of the most popular and interesting designs on the market. Here’s what we found.

WWE 2K22 game debuts at WrestleMania 37 – CNET

It’s the first WWE 2K game in years, after WWE 2K20 was lambasted by critics and fans.

WWE WrestleMania 37: Results, live updates and match ratings – CNET

Live right now on NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

Logitech Harmony universal remotes discontinued – CNET

But Logitech says it won’t leave fans empty-handed.

NASA Ingenuity helicopter’s first flight delayed by space agency – CNET

It’ll happen “no earlier than April 14,” NASA says, due to a safety alert during a test of Ingenuity’s rotors. But the copter is “safe and healthy,” the agency says.

Age of Empires IV could bring back RTS in a big way this fall

Microsoft’s Relic Entertainment revealed new civilizations, graphics, and campaigns for Age of Empires IV.Read More