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  • This Portal-Axle Porsche 911 Is Basically a Moon Buggy – CNET

This Portal-Axle Porsche 911 Is Basically a Moon Buggy – CNET

When you need to traverse a Chilean volcano in a Porsche 911, you’ll need a few modifications.

Herzog and Žižek become uncanny AI bots trapped in endless conversation

Enlarge / AI-generated portraits of Werner Herzog and Slavoj Žižek from The Infinite Conversation. (credit: Giacomo Miceli / Ars Technica) This week, an Italian artist and programmer named Giacomo Miceli…

‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’ Review: Hilarious Pop Parody Is Well Worth a Watch – CNET

Daniel Radcliffe gets weird in a comedy so good, it’s worth finding out what Roku is.

Elon Musk’s Twitter Buyout Brought Back QAnon Believers, Report Says – CNET

Discussions about the Trump-related conspiracy theory have ramped back up.

Is 1Password going passwordless?  

1Password’s acquisition of Passage shows that passwordless authentication isn’t just a trend, but mission-critical for enterprise security.Read More

Don’t Lick Toxic ‘Hypnotoads,’ National Park Service Cautions – CNET

The Sonoran desert toad is a no-lick zone.

‘Westworld’ Canceled by HBO After Four Seasons – CNET

The sci-fi series is going offline.

How AI can help the public health sector face future crises

AI and ML identify disease and conditions in near real time. They could soon enable population-wide disease reduction and healthcare equity.Read More

Closest Black Hole to Earth Found Right in Our Cosmic Backyard – CNET

Nothing to worry about. It’s dormant and it won’t eat us.

#OneTeam: Twitter employees show solidarity after mass layoffs under Musk ownership

Twitter employees, those who were laid off and those who remain, showed solidarity Friday after new owner Elon Musk axed nearly half the workforce.

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