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  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Pure Fun, but More of the Same – CNET

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Pure Fun, but More of the Same – CNET

The newest Flip has numerous updates including a bigger battery, a new main camera sensor and the latest Snapdragon chip.

Congress’ leading crypto skeptic is a Southern California congressman

Rep. Brad Sherman doesn’t just want to regulate cryptocurrency. He wants to ban it.

‘Corn Kid’: What to Know About the Internet’s Latest Obsession – CNET

Corn on the cob is having a moment. Here’s why.

NFTs: Key infrastructure for digital inclusion

NFTs will be remembered as a key piece of infrastructure on the journey to digital inclusion, where the people gain back control.Read More

X Shore 1 Electric Boat Sets Sail in 2023 – CNET

Swedish ship builder X Shore launches the X Shore 1 — a smaller, more affordable follow up to its Eelex 8000 luxury electric boat.

How Different Is ‘The Rings of Power’ From Tolkien’s Works? Here’s a Full Breakdown of Every Episode – CNET

There’s a fair bit of concern that Amazon’s new TV series is going to drift heavily from the source material. We’re here to help analyze every episode.

3 model monitoring tips for reliable results when deploying AI

Truly transformative AI deployments involve careful monitoring and testing, resulting in continuous improvement.Read More

Start talking: The true potential of conversational AI in the enterprise

A holistic approach, good governance, and internal lifecycle automation are key factors of success in implementing conversational AI.Read More

Jack Dorsey’s ‘Web5’ is a solution to a problem that’s already been solved

Jack Dorsey is pushing Web5, his decentralized data and identity platform. But decentralized identity tools already exist for Web3.Read More

AI-powered personalization: The key to unlocking ecommerce growth

AI-powered personalization allows businesses to predict their customers’ requirements and be proactive with solutions.Read More