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  • The future of work in the tech industry

The future of work in the tech industry

Sheryl Sandberg’s impending departure from Meta underscores the need to prioritize work-life balance — for all employees, at all levels.Read More

Starting your development journey into the world of Web3

Web3 is the future and companies want developers versed in it. The right resources and foundational knowledge are key to success.Read More

Biden Tests Negative for COVID After ‘Rebound’ Case – CNET

His physician says Biden feels fine but that he’ll continue to isolate pending a second negative test.

Web3 and shifts in the attention economy 

In Web2, apps and advertisers track our every move. With decentralized identities in Web3, we will own our data and make it work for us.Read More

Secure second-factor authentication for custodial wallets

The security of custodial wallets could be significantly improved with secure 2FA, secure key management and secure transaction signing.Read More

Customer and employee experience mistakes to avoid and how AI can help

Pushing boundaries, using AI and letting go of legacy systems can have a significant impact on customer and employee experience.Read More

Why AIops may be necessary for the future of engineering

AIops may lower software development overhead and free up time for engineers to innovate, develop and grow into the new era of coding.Read More

Save up to 36% on Hiboy Electric Scooters – CNET

Get rolling with budget friendly electric scooters and more during Amazon’s one-day sale.

Dear Gen Z, Here’s How to Be OK When a Recession Hits – CNET

Five millennials share the most important financial and career lessons they learned during the Great Recession.

Grab Factory Reconditioned Amazon Fire TVs Starting at $245 – CNET

This one-day deal can help you revamp your entertainment space for less with 50-, 55- and 65-inch smart TVs.