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  • How to Watch ‘Attack on Titan Final Season’ Part 3 – CNET

How to Watch ‘Attack on Titan Final Season’ Part 3 – CNET

Eren has a single-minded focus to crush any opposition to his precious Eldia. Can he — and should he — be stopped?

Square Enix shakeups and esports Olympics | Kaser Focus

GamesBeat’s Rachel Kaser reviews a week of nothing but negative headlines for Square Enix, and the IOC’s bizarre esports lineup.Read More

Our Common Hellscape Is Officially a Thing, and Other New Dictionary Words – CNET

English is deadass one of the most antifragile languages around.

AI-powered Bing Chat gains three distinct personalities

Enlarge (credit: Benj Edwards / Ars Technica) On Wednesday, Microsoft employee Mike Davidson announced that the company has rolled out three distinct personality styles for its experimental AI-powered Bing Chat…

Achieving electronic engineering efficiency through ML and automation

Full automation is not the final desired state, but it is the turbocharger that can fire new efficiencies in electronic engineering.Read More

Polka Dots on Mars: NASA Spots Unusual Circles of Sand – CNET

Spot the spots on Mars.

CRO Paul Fabara shares how Visa is using AI to counter cyberattacks

Paul Fabara, CRO of Visa takes part in a Q&A with VentureBeat to discuss how to use AI to identify data-level threats.Read More

Halo Infinite players have made 1M creations in the Forge beta

343 Industries have announced that players are making thousands of creations in the Halo Infinite Forge beta.Read More

Kimono Cats Frolic Onto Apple Arcade – CNET

They’re cats. They’re wearing kimonos. It’s adorable.

In the Shadow of Chernobyl, a Pack of Dogs Unlike Any Other Roams the Wasteland – CNET

The genetically distinct population of canines provides a way to study how harsh environments can affect DNA.

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