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  • How Bentley Systems’ 3DFT could conquer the infrastructure metaverse

How Bentley Systems’ 3DFT could conquer the infrastructure metaverse

With 3DFT, its new 3D streaming codec for the infrastructure metaverse, Bentley Systems aims to achieve lossless transmission of formats.Read More

Power Rangers Astro Megazord Gets $166 Recreation of the Transforming Ship – CNET

Exclusive: Straight from Power Rangers In Space, the Astro Megazord includes the larger Megaship and the Megashuttle.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED vs. Samsung The Frame TV – CNET

Amazon’s newest TV displays paintings and fine art, but Samsung got there first. Here’s how they compare.

New Lamborghini Urus S Is a Less Shouty Performante – CNET

The Urus S replaces the old base model and has the same more powerful engine as the Performante.

2023 Lamborghini Urus S Keeps It Subtle, Kinda – CNET

The Urus S has the same performance upgrades as the Performante, but without the reduced weight.

‘Hocus Pocus 2’ Release Date: When Does Disney Plus Drop the Witchy Sequel? – CNET

Hocus Pocus 2 is out now on Disney’s streaming service.

Storytelling: A CISO’s superpower against cybersecurity indifference

Not just for entertainment: How CISOs can use storytelling to better communicate the cybersecurity imperative.Read More

Juked: transparent comms gives hope to esports app seeking buyer

Esports community platform Juked was running out of capital. Did their open appeal to find an acquirer work?Read More

3 sustainability reporting challenges, and how ESG guidelines can help 

The SEC’s ESG guidelines can help companies succeed at sustainability reporting in a time of flux and uncertainty.Read More

How to Watch SpaceX Launch NASA Astronauts on the Crew-5 Mission to ISS – CNET

A crew of four is set to blast off from Florida next week.