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  • 10-Year Mortgage Rates for August 2022 – CNET

10-Year Mortgage Rates for August 2022 – CNET

If you qualify for a 10-year mortgage you can save thousands on interest.

TikTok May Have a Music App in the Works – CNET

TikTok, known for viral music trends, applied for a music service trademark — potentially taking on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Healthcare systems seek Rx for ailing data infrastructures

The amount of data received and processed by healthcare systems has grown exponentially due to the COVID-19 pandemic and telehealth.Read More

HypGames goes to the court with Niantic for NBA All-World

Niantic Labs is collaborating with HypGames on a new project. The game, called NBA All-World, lets players the meet and play with NBA stars.Read More

Why the future of APIs must include zero trust

When zero trust becomes a design goal for APIs and devops processes, security becomes strengthened throughout the software development life cycle.Read More

Digital innovation across the patient journey for Kaiser Permanente

Prat Vemana discussed Kaiser Permanente’s digitally-supported efforts with CX in a livestream during last week’s Transform 2022 event.Read More

2023 BMW i4 eDrive35 Introduces a Smaller Battery, Lower Price – CNET

BMW estimates an EPA range of about 260 miles in this new entry-level trim.

BMW Recalls a Handful of iX and i4 EVs Over Potential Battery Fires – CNET

While the threat of battery fires is never good, thankfully this recall only affects 83 cars.

Amazon Adds Same-Day Delivery From PacSun, GNC and Other Local Retailers – CNET

The service is available in more than 10 US cities.

Guard Against Blackouts With Up to 31% Off APC Battery Backups – CNET

These handy UPS battery backups can keep your devices powered on, even during outages.