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  • Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse expansion offers potential upside for tech professionals

Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse expansion offers potential upside for tech professionals

Oracle execs George Lumpkin, Neil Mendelson, and William Endress weigh in on how Autonomous Data Warehouse handles modern data workloads.Read More

Biased AI is not just bad for people, it’s harmful for businesses, too

Bias in AI is detrimental to society and can also lead to poor decision-making with harmful impacts on business processes and profitability.Read More

AI Weekly: WHO outlines steps for creating inclusive AI health care systems

The World Health Organization (WHO) outlined steps that must be taken for the development of trustworthy AI in health care.Read More

Let’s talk about Dead Space and Hideo Kojima’s next project | GamesBeat Decides

On this GamesBeat Decides episode, editors Mike Minotti and Jeff Grubb talk about our recent stories about Dead Space and Hideo Kojima.Read More

How new developers can tap into the wealth of new funding opportunities (VB Live)

Join GamesBeat’s Dean Takahashi and a panel of pros for tips on landing a meeting, developing and delivering a pitch, and more.Read More

Global cloud spending boomed in Q1, surpassed non-cloud, IDC says

Enterprises are spending big on cloud infrastructure compared to non-cloud infrastructure. IDC predicts 12.9% growth to $74.6 billion in 2021.Read More

The RetroBeat: Summer Games Done Quick 2021 runs to watch

From July 4 to July 11, it’ll be time for Summer Games Done Quick, which will be taking donations for Doctors Without Borders.Read More

Supply chain attack on Kaseya infects hundreds with ransomware: What we know

The REvil ransomware gang has encrypted the files of hundreds of businesses after compromising IT tool Kaseya VSA in a supply chain attack.Read More

Robin Block: Diving deep into the golden age of first-person shooter games

Robin Block, the CEO of CreatorVC, talks about plans to film the documentary FPS: First Person Shooter about the golden age of shooter games.Read More

7 tips for managing low-code/no-code adoption in your enterprise

Low-code/no-code platforms can help your business move faster, but they come with their own set of adoption challenges.Read More