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  • SpaceX rocket makes record 10th flight while Elon Musk parties post-SNL – CNET

SpaceX rocket makes record 10th flight while Elon Musk parties post-SNL – CNET

Just hours after the iconoclastic CEO hosted Saturday Night Live, his company conducted a landmark launch.

Best walking shoes for men in 2021 – CNET

Asics, Brooks, New Balance: Walking shoes for every kind of feet.

Hear NASA’s sea shanty about heliophysics and the solar wind – CNET

Or maybe it’s a space shanty?

Facebook urged by state attorneys general to scrap kids Instagram project – CNET

Over 40 state attorneys general signed on.

NASA spacecraft that grabbed an asteroid sample heads back to Earth today – CNET

Osiris-Rex is returning to Earth with the largest space souvenir from a NASA mission since Apollo astronauts brought moon rocks home.

A teen who was bullied on Snapchat died. His mom is suing to hold social media liable

A lawsuit filed against the maker of Snapchat and two apps, YOLO and LMK, that use its platform, alleges the apps present an unreasonable risk of harm.

Major ransomware attack cripples gas pipeline on US East Coast

Enlarge / Problems with Colonial Pipeline’s distribution system tend to lead to gasoline runs and price increases across the US Southeast and Eastern seaboard. In this September 2016 photo, a…

The best food processors for 2021 – CNET

We put top food processors to the test to find out which models are worthy of your kitchen.

Hands-on with 12 Minutes: A new time-loop thriller video game with a star-studded cast coming soon – CNET

Daisy Ridley, James McAvoy and Willem Dafoe lend their voices to the new mystery game for Xbox and Steam. Gamers can also look forward to Last Stop and Hindsight.

Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck reveal set to strike next week – Roadshow

Ford confirmed the electric pickup will wear the storied Lightning name, which may stir up some controversy.