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  • AI Weekly: How the power grid can benefit from intelligent software

AI Weekly: How the power grid can benefit from intelligent software

Google parent company Alphabet’s X research lab wants to transform the power grid with software. That’s not a bad idea.Read More

The RetroBeat: Why the original Pokémon Snap was special

New Pokémon Snap launches today on Switch, but I’m thinking of the original. As a kid, Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo 64 was a big deal.Read More

NASA Mars helicopter goes farther and faster for dramatic fourth flight – CNET

Ingenuity is turning into the Evel Knievel of Mars explorers.

Best places to buy replacement prescription lenses online in 2021 – CNET

Got a pair of glasses with outdated RX lenses? Or maybe your lenses got scratched or damaged? Or Bose Frames? Here are some of the best eyeglass replacement options that…

Epic Games acquires ArtStation to foster an online marketplace for artists

Epic Games has acquired ArtStation, which operates a marketplace for artists to sell their art, post jobs, or host their portfolios.Read More

FCC to begin $50 broadband subsidy program May 12 – CNET

Poor Americans will be able to apply for the COVID relief subsidy in less than two weeks, and internet providers are already lining up to offer it.

TikTok names new CEO and COO after 8 months of interim leadership – CNET

The video sharing platform’s last chief executive stepped down after then-US President Donald Trump threatened to ban the service.

HSR.health’s GIS platform helps target COVID-19 resources

HSR.health’s Geospatial Information System (GIS) can play a significant role in identifying areas of highest COVID-19 risk.Read More

STEAM education is critical to opening up new opportunities across the game industry

STEAM education is critical to development in the games industry — as well as new opportunities for women and racialized individuals.Read More

IBM is acquiring Turbonomic to advance AIOps agenda

IBM is acquiring Turbonomic to extend the scope of its AIOps portfolio. This follows a series of acquisitions over the last several months.Read More