• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

SpaceX Starship Raptor vacuum engine fired for the first time – CNET

The RVac gets its first showing in a delightful dusk test fire.

Gartner advises tech leaders to prepare for action as quantum computing spreads

Quantum computing hits the radar of tech leaders, but will take years to develop for most applications, even as it makes progress.Read More

Report: Breaches of more than one target amplify financial damage by 26 times

The data point to how widely the waves of impact from a security incident at a single organization can spread across multiple industries.Read More

James Bond’s first openly gay character reveal in No Time to Die made me tear up – CNET

The 25th Bond film introduces the franchise’s only explicitly queer character — and a protagonist at that.

Stardew Valley developer announces new game Haunted Chocolatier – CNET

The spooky game announcement comes just in time for Halloween.

Ransomware gang posed as real company to recruit workers – CNET

Group’s professional-looking website advertised open positions for jobs to help it continue its criminal activities, researchers say.

2022 GMC Sierra packs a high-end punch – Roadshow

New premium trims, a revamped interior and fresh tech breath new life into the Sierra.

Gartner’s list of top tech initiatives for 2022

Gartner released its annual list of top strategic technology trends this week, projecting that 2022 will keep enterprise executives busy with new developments in everything from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity.…

Xbox is working with developer Mainframe on cloud MMO with scaling complexity

Mainframe is working on an Xbox game that can scale in terms of complexity depending on where you are playing.Read More

10 great gifts for grandparents – CNET

Show Grandma and Grandpa just how much they matter.

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