• Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Over 80% of workers don’t want to go back to the office full time, survey finds – CNET

Parents with kids at home are more likely to want to return to office life, a study by Harvard Business School finds.

Best HDMI cables for 2021 – CNET

There’s no reason to spend more than $1 per foot, even for the most expensive TVs. Here’s what we recommend.

Best MacBook Pro alternatives for 2021 – CNET

Think differently about your laptop options.

Best graphics card for 2021: top GPUs for gamers and creatives – CNET

Picking a new AMD or Nvidia graphics card can be overwhelming. We’ll help you get started with everything you need to know.

The 6 cheapest meal delivery services – CNET

Knock dinner out for less than $5 a person with these affordable meal kits.

HP Envy 14 review: Performance for creatives in an unassuming package – CNET

A nice display, discrete graphics and a built-in ring light function make the Envy 14 a solid entry-level laptop for creators.

Apple Watch vs OnePlus Watch: There’s no competition – CNET

There’s one big reason why these two smartwatches can’t be rivals. At least not yet.

Why NFTs make no sense (and how that won’t hold them back) – CNET

CNET Now What talks to reporter Daniel Van Boom about the mind-bending trend of nonfungible tokens.

Arizona Senate skips vote on controversial app store bill – CNET

Vote on new rules for app stores was scheduled but didn’t occur — without explanation.

The Suez Canal is blocked: Here’s why that matters – CNET

How one ship could disrupt global trade.

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