• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Microsoft is sending 50,000 Microsoft Store gift cards to customers via email – CNET

You might want to check your spam folder.

More than a quarter of women in tech eyeing the exit in next two years – CNET

New survey data highlights the pandemic’s continued effect on women in tech, and how it could drive them from their jobs.

Biden signs law to restrict Huawei and ZTE gear in US – CNET

The new law bars the FCC from authorizing gear from Chinese companies designated as a national security threat.

Measles vaccination rates dropped in 2020, threatening progress toward global elimination – CNET

The measles vaccine has prevented about 31.7 million deaths in 20 years, says the CDC and the WHO.

Starlink’s new Dishy McFlatface is smaller and lighter, still costs $499

Enlarge / The new version of Dishy McFlatface. (credit: Starlink) Starlink has replaced its user terminal with a new model that’s smaller and cheaper to produce, and the company updated…

AI Weekly: Workplace surveillance algorithms need to be regulated before it’s too late

A growing number of companies are using potentially flawed, invasive workplace monitoring algorithms — with little oversight.Read More

Critical security controls for effective cyber defense strategies

CIS critical security controls effectively combat the most prevalent and hazardous dangers on your website and protect it from cyber-attacks.Read More

Will digital twins save us from climate change?

By modeling the planet at unprecedented resolution, could digital twins help accurately predict the climate decades into the future?Read More

Unpacking is a relaxing game with no words and a great story

Witch Beam’s newly released game about unpacking a person’s life throughout the years, is a little slice of bliss.Read More

Black Friday discounts are coming to AT&T soon. Here are our favorite deals – CNET

Save up to $1,000 with eligible installment plans and trade-ins.

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