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  • Super Nintendo World opens to the public – CNET

Super Nintendo World opens to the public – CNET

People started visiting Japanese theme park on Thursday, after delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Best speakerphone in 2021 for working from home – CNET

Doing a lot of conference calls from home these days using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another platform? These compact speakerphones will improve your audio experience.

See the world’s smallest origami bird fold itself into nanoscale art – CNET

The miniscule bird is a triumph for nanotech.

Massive tornado-like ‘beast’ winds spotted on Jupiter – CNET

The gas giant planet was already known to be home to powerful storms. But they’re even wilder than previously thought.

Facebook shows its upcoming social VR avatars for Horizon at SXSW – CNET

Exclusive: Oculus VP Mark Rabkin talks to CNET about what’s next for VR with the Quest

NFTs explained: These pricey assets are as weird as you think they are – CNET

Owning a digital copy of an expensive artwork or song doesn’t mean you actually own the art or the song — but those copies are still going for a small…

Hearthstone is a platform now. What does that mean?

Game director said Hearthstone was a “platform card game” now. He and Nathan Lyons-Smith explain what that means.Read More

Robotics safety system developer Fort Robotics raises $13M to tackle workplace automation

Fort Robotics, a company developing safety systems for autonomous machines, has raised $13 million in funding.Read More

Clubmarket launches sponsorship marketplace to monetize Clubhouse

Independent startup Clubmarket has figured out a way to monetize Clubhouse through sponsorships for creators.Read More

PlayStation 5 VR gets new sleek controllers

Sony revealed the controllers today for PlayStation 5’s upcoming VR device (which still does not have an official name).Read More