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  • This L.A. start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors

This L.A. start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors

Chemotherapy and radiation can cause too much collateral damage to treat some brain tumors. Crumb-sized robots could be the solution.

Clearview AI uses your online photos to instantly ID you. That’s a problem, lawsuit says

By scraping the web for photos and extracting unique biometric information, Clearview AI violates privacy and chills protected political speech, a lawsuit says.

$69 million for digital art? The NFT craze, explained

The technology behind Thursday’s $69-million digital painting sale may be a bubble, or it may be the wave of the future in art and media. Maybe both.

Why did Jack Dorsey buy Jay-Z’s failed music service?

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, left; Tidal streaming service founder Jay-Z. | Victor Boyko/Getty; George Pimentel/WireImage A speculative explainer of the Square/Tidal deal that includes cryptokitties and Grimes. Here is…

SPACs, the investment term you won’t stop hearing about, explained

Lucid Motors is one of the many companies that is going public using SPACs. | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images Six questions about SPACs, answered. Forget the pandemic. Forget…

You got a vaccine. Walgreens got your data.

Walgreens is now giving out vaccines — and getting a few things in return. | Pat Greenhouse/Boston Globe via Getty Images Retail pharmacies are now giving out Covid-19 vaccines, and…

Amazon’s next CEO defends the company against racial bias reports in an internal note

Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services and successor to Jeff Bezos. | Asa Mathat for Vox Media Andy Jassy was responding to allegations in a Recode investigation and…

Facebook is finally cracking down hard on anti-vaccine content. It is facing an uphill battle.

Facebook says it has removed 12 million pieces of content on its namesake app and Instagram for violating its rules on misinformation that could lead to “imminent physical harm.” |…

Jeff Bezos will spend $1 billion a year to fight climate change

Jeff Bezos will spend his next decade focused in part on the Bezos Earth Fund. | Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images The Amazon founder is slowly answering concerns from transparency…

Vox Quick Hits: The bite-sized daily podcast playlist

Zac Freeland/Vox Vox Quick Hits is a playlist of podcasts on news, science, politics, pop culture, and more — each 15 minutes or less. Welcome to Vox Quick Hits, a playlist…