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  • Salesforce proves less is more: xLAM-1B ‘Tiny Giant’ beats bigger AI Models

Salesforce proves less is more: xLAM-1B ‘Tiny Giant’ beats bigger AI Models

Salesforce’s xLAM-1B ‘Tiny Giant’ AI model outperforms larger competitors with just 1 billion parameters, revolutionizing on-device AI and challenging industry norms.Read More

My Go-To Wearable Air Conditioner Is 15% Off for July 4th

The Torras Coolify Cyber makes the summer sun bearable, and it’s worth the full price tag. You can get it for 15% off on Amazon’s 4th of July sale.

Aiper’s Scuba S1 Pro and Surfer S1 Are Your Powerhouse Summer Pool-Cleaning Team

The cordless appliances are available as a bundle for $370 off this July.

EcoFlow Portable Power Station RIVER 2 Pro 700

716Wh LFP battery, 800watts.

Solar Security Camera

With spotlight, 360° view & color night vision.

5K Video Camera

64MP WiFi, 18X & IR night vision 3.0.

Nintendo Has No Plans to Use Generative AI in Its Games, Company President Says

The company cites issues with intellectual property rights, and says its unique value “cannot be achieved through technology alone.”

Snow Cone Maker

Comes w/ 4 BPA-free plastic cones & 12 paper cones.

Pixis Drones’ drone shows can replace fireworks on the 4th of July

Pixis Drones is offering its drone shows as a sustainable substitute for traditional fireworks on Independence Day.Read More

Arbitrum Foundation supports EDU Chain as an education-focused blockchain

Open Campus has received grant funding from the Arbitrum Foundation to support the upcoming launch of EDU Chain.Read More

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